Our mission is to bring to you the best products of Istrian tradition.

The production of white and red wines and extra virgin olive oil is just one side of Bagolar, the other one is the distribution of Istrian excellence throughout Europe.

Liqueurs, cod, truffles and much more.

Our partners have quality as their top priority just like we have at Bagolar.

A great harmony between our companies was established immediately.
We believe this cooperation will help to show what Istria has to offer.

opg koraca

Bagolar distributes OPG KORACA spirits exclusively across Europe.

The central Istrian company produces wine, liqueurs, olive oil, as well as honey, vinegar, jams and many other products.

OPG KORACA is a young and dynamic family business, born from the idea of ​​Albert

and his two sons, and is deeply linked to its roots with the aim of showing Istrian land’s best.

BAGOLAR  is OPG KORACA liquors official and exclusive european dealer and distributor.


Historical Istrian company producing cod.

In the 1990s, the Banko family opened their first deli in Poreč, where, among other delicacies,

they also prepared cod.

With its original recipe, Bakalar soon conquered Istrian people.

It becomes more and more popular and in 1993 the first cod production plant opens.

From that moment ALDEN has continued to grow and today is one of the gastronomic excellences
of Istria and whole Croatia.

Ne quis mediocrem sit, dolor reprimique nec id, quo no scaevola vituperata. 


pietro & pietro natura tartufi

Truffle hunters for six generations.

Keepers of the Istrian tradition since 1932.

Harmony with nature and a high level of quality are the trademark of Černeka family.

From Istria To Italy, From Italy To Europe