istrian gold

Thanks to the high position in the ranking of numerous Istrian labels,

Istria has been awarded the title of best olive region in the world twice in recent years

within Flos Olei, the first and only guide dedicated to oil production companies

made of a panel of expert tasters.

Do you know istria is one of the best areas in the world for olive oil production?

Our “Istrian Gold” is pure, produced with a few simple steps.

After harvesting by hand, it is taken to the mill,
here through a mechanical process, the olives are first washed,
then prepared for the milling which is the first real phase of extraction.
That is the moment where the olives, through mechanical action, become oil paste, a mass composed of a solid part,
the fruit of pits, peels and pulp, and a liquid part, the juice of the olives.

We then move on to malaxing, the process which, through a machine called malaxer, de-emulsifies oil and paste,
collecting the liquid in larger drops thanks to a slow movement of the mass and its heating.

This is a key moment in the process that will decide its quality, flavour, taste and quantity.

It depends all on the temperature the pasta is subjected to if then the oil gains the name “cold” and changes its organoleptic qualities.

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organoleptic details

Varieties: istarska bjelica, buža, Črnica Classification: Blend Aroma: fresh artichoke, just ripe olive, fresh almond and lightly fine tomato pulp.

Taste: the aroma of the artichoke is also repeated on the palate, accompanied by ripe green apple.

Moderate spiciness occurs only in the end at the base of the throat.

The full flavor takes the whole mouth and the aftertaste is harmonious, with a slight spiciness.

Pairings: the harmony and moderation of this olive oil make it an ideal companion for a wide variety of foods and dishes.

Pleasant on salads or in combination with soups, various stews, pumpkin or mushroom soups, and certainly with asparagus risotto.

It goes well with omelettes, but the best is expressed with grilled fish and grilled red meat.


the tins

Bagolar - Olio Evo - Latta 1lt black
Bagolar - Olio Evo - Latta 0.1 ml gold
Bagolar - Olio Evo - Latta 3lt black

Istrian Gold bottling is very important and we take care of every single detail.

First of all, remember that the 18 months of oil shelf life are from the date of bottling.

For this reason the container must have precise features, first of all the protection from light.

In our production, we bottle the oil in the 250 and 500 ml formats in dark glass and with anti-topping cap, to which we now add the 1000 and 3000 ml tin formats.

We made a choice of product conservation guarantee but also a stylish one, using total black cans.

The can, because of the new manufacturing techniques, delivers 100% darkening power which removes any risk of photosensitization of oil pigments.

The choice of small formats is due to the need to avoid as much as possible the exposure of the oil with oxygen
which would trigger harmful oxidative processes. The large containers would take too long to be consumed,

each opening the quantity of oxygen which would increase the risk of rancidity.

We always advise our customers buying 3-liter cans, to divide the contents once opened into

smaller dark bottles to better preserve organoleptic characteristics.

The less air and light it takes, the better you taste it.

Price List



0,250 ml

€ 7,00


Olio Evo Bagolar

0,500 ml

€ 12,00



0,750 ml

€ 16,00



1 lt

€ 21,00


Oro istriano

1,5 lt

€ 30,00



3 lt

€ 55,00