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Time to toast!


The past year has been tough for everyone. We resisted and grew in awareness.

Big projects are coming and the time has come to toast to our strength of mind,
to us, to you.

We are ready to start again, to take back life and dreams.

Celebrating moments with the right glass of wine is essential and Bagolar wants
to give you the opportunity not to make mistakes.

20% discount on the purchase of six bottles (one pack) and a 30% discount on the minimum purchase
of twelve bottles (two packs) of Istrian Malvasia, Teran Istriano, Moscato Rosso (dessert wine).


We bring it to your house, delivery is free.


bagolar & darna d.o.o.


We are happy to announce the start of an important collaboration
between Darna d.o.o. and Bagolar for the distribution in Italy and
Europe of one of the symbolic products of the Istrian territory.

Son of the Rovinj tradition, Pelinkovac is a liqueur obtained
from the distillation of herbs such as mugwort and wormwood.

One sip is enough to fall in love with it, just like we did.


September 1949, Valle d’Istria

September 1949, Valle d’Istria, not too far from Pula, Italy, what today is Croatia.

Giuliano and Elena, for us Morè and Morèda, are 20 years old,

they have a farmhouse and the will to spend their lives together,

with the animals they grew with near a bunch of grapes and an olive tree…

A sip of wine 70 years long

We dream of recreating a part of our family history.
Everything comes from the desire to retrace the path marked by our grandparents, to get back in touch
with the land, the red soil of Istria.
Nicola (BAGOLAR)

Our “Istrian Gold” is pure,
produced with a few simple steps.

After harvesting by hand, it is taken to the mill,
here through a mechanical process the olives
are first washed and then prepared for milling.

Opg Koraca, Alden Bakalar and Darna D.O.O. are partners of Bagolar that brings you the best of the istrian taste experience.

Istrian red wine is special, it has its
own peculiar characteristic,
it lives on its own light,
it can age very well and finds
an interesting structure if aged in small wooden barrels.

Not only BAGOLAR but a selection of the best products of our region, sweet and savory:
wine, dark chocolate, extra virgin olive oil, cheese, sausage with truffles,
traditional biscuits and much more.

You can choose one of our baskets or compose your own gift.

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