a family story

September 1949, valle d'istria

Not too far from Pola, Italy, or Yugoslavia even better,
in other words current Croatia.

Giuliano and Elena, for us
(and also for you in a couple of bottles)
Morè and Morèda, are 20 years old,
a farmhouse and the will to live together,
with each other and with the animals they grew with between a bunch of grapes
and an olive tree.

Giuliano has a blond tuft and an old poser look
suitable for an American movie, but perhaps
this is so for all of our grandparents we admire through the pictures in black and white. Elena was the richest in town,
which means nothing more than her house
had two entrance steps and a privileged position
on the square.

outward journey

History, however, had other plans for them. Valle, (of Istria),
“Bale” in Croatian, would not be the bucolic
environment of their adulthood: their destiny was
elsewhere, a destiny as refugees before arriving in
Turin and the years of assembly line in FIAT.
It took so long before they were able togo back home for holidays,
for wine and for hugs under a pergola with their friend
meanwhile become Mayor of the town.


the return

We are in the 80s-90s and the holidays in Istria on taxi 1348
(name of our Malvasia Bagolar that will make you travel through
the flavors of the Istrian Region) mean, for us grandchildren,
a journey in distant time, among rows of vines, walks through
the peasant countryside, pecorino cheese, raw ham and olives
as an accompaniment to the “bocaleta” of wine that was never missing on the table of our new friends and relatives
of this wonderful land.

Twenty years of family holidays searching for their roots, wild boar fuži and Istrian malvasia, vegetables in oil and Istrian malvasia, grilled fish and Istrian malvasia, in short,
anything that accompanied the Istrian malvasia up to meeting
with Morè and “Papa 1348” who sang “tipsy” after a very alcoholic August 15th.

A personal and collective story of reconciliation between Morèda
and its lands, descendants of exiles and families who remained
there, between Italy and Istria: in a Disney fairy tale the
grandparents would return home with a small vegetable
garden to spend old age.

Unfortunately only in 2008 the law that prevented Italians
from repurchasing houses and land in Istria was removed:
too late for Morè and Morèda who passed away shortly before. We love to imagine them “bagolar”
(having fun, festa) with their  Malvasia on a cloud positioned
exactly above their Valle.


In 2018 Bagolar – Terra Istriana was born. A company with a simple, clear and single goal, to produce high quality Istrian oil and wine.

Our will and our mission are engraved within us, we dream of recreating a part of our family history.

Everything stems from the desire to retrace the path marked by our grandparents, to get back in touch with Istrian soil that has so much to say
and that perhaps says it through its fruits and its nature, in some ways stuck in the years. after the war.

We produce wines in purity, native vines such as Malvasia, Teran, Moscato Rosso and Moscato Giallo,

historical and traditional wines, many of our vineyards have also seen and “endured” a war from the recent past.

Then comes the extra virgin olive oil, first cold pressed, unfiltered, obtained from a mix of olives from native only cultivars such as Istarska Bjelica, Buža, Crnica, all ancient varieties and with a glorious past (originating from Greece of pre-Roman era).